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About us


We are in close partnership with premier hybrid solar PV system providers for the offering of rental/lease and Power Purchase Agreement based solutions. Our partners (ESE and Red Av) are renewable energy developers specialising in the Africa market.The business logic wants that must sunny regions are the most indicated for solar PV power development and ESE is therefore extending its offerings to Central, East and Southern Africa. Main clients are affected by high costs and unsustaiability of diesel, HFO, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), such as mining companies, petroleum & gas industries, cement factories, resorts/lodges, power generation plants, rural mini-grids, off-grid islands, etc. These players have generally no other choice of power source but by relying on expensive, cost-unpredictable, and environment damging fossil fuel to generate own power. ESE and Red Av serve companies consumming minimum 200,000 KWh/mois on a direct negoatiated partnership basis.

They provide power as a service based on a Power Purchase Agreement (E-PPA) or on a lease/rent contract, with a term between 12 months and 15 years. After 15 years, the client gains outright the ownership of the energy system, gaining even more from the partnership with ESE. The contract sets up minimum fuel savings and defines power quality against defaulting penalties. They are rewarded by a part of savings achieved, a unique WIN-WIN approach in the African private enegy sector. All this at zero upfront from the client.


How it works?

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The ESE hybrid system continually synchronizes the solar PV output and the generators' needed power to cover consumer denand. This way the solar power use is maximized and can go beyond 50% of the demand, even beyond 80% when utility-scale batteries are associated to the system. Maximization of solar energy use requires low load high performance generators because conventional generator types become uneconomical below 50% load capacity. Fuel savings is a result of maximizing the consumption of solar power, which a free and perpetually renewable energy source. READ MORE...


Simple Implementation Process


ESE partnership process includes:


1) Your company profile

2) Information on your energy needs and historical power and fuel consumption along with their current unit costs

3) Geographical coordinates of your site

It then submit to you an initial assessment that will be the bais of a final assessment to be part of the energy provision contract.