huge fuel savings ENABLED FOR FREE


Is your business feeling the burden of diesel or HFO to generate power?

Let specialists sort it out without whatsoever cost to you while saving you big on fuel costs...absolutely

The opportunity

We enable a BOO/BOOT partnership for a solar PV-fuel hybrid  power system delivering the constant energy you need and allowing you to save up to 50% of fuel without any investment cost to you. Just concentrate on managing the core usiness where you excel. Choose PPA or lease contract and let our specialist team sort out costs and headaches of energy provision.


Get the energy you need at zero down payment


Power generation is a major cost in many industry verticals such as remote mining, oil & gas, thermal power plants, village mini-grids, remote hotel resorts,...


We advises a solution where specilized energy providers finance, deploy and manage their solar PV-fuel hybrid systems generating the energy needed on your site based on a Power Purchase Agreement or on a lease contract of a term of 12 months up to 15 years. You pay nothing out of your purse and they are rewarded by a part of savings realized. Read more...

How it works


Synchoronized solar PV-fuel energy systems used to generate power on client site is a rugged equipment. Generators can be diesel, HFO or LNG based. Existing generators may be priced and incorporated in the system depending on their working state. Best are low load high performance generators...Read more...

Unique opportunity


This is a unique opportunity in African business environment where rating grades remain an unsolved topic. Energy systems come with very high upfront costs. Zero investment from your business along with running costs covered by savings achieved by the system are an exceptional boost to your ROI.

Implementation process


It is simple and includes collection of historical energy information on your business (power needs), on existing generators (debited power and fuel consumption, system set up), your site gegraphical coordinates, Read more ...


The energyprovision contract will include the quantity and the quality of provided power against contractual penalties. Moreover the minimum fuel savings that will be achieved is also enforced. This way you are guaranteed to enter into a fully secured contract.

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